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Hemorrhoids Home Cure Remedies - Treating Hemorrhoids With Horsetail, Blueberries and Ceanothus

Hemorrhoids Home Cure Remedies - Treating Hemorrhoids With Horsetail, Blueberries and Ceanothus

By Stewart C

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles or emerods, is a rather common ailment that often affects people who lead a sedentary or inactive life, such as those who work desk jobs and rarely go out for exercise. This is the inflammation or swelling of the veins in the anus and rectum. Actually, the term "hemorrhoids," if taken in the technical sense, really refers to cushions made of tissue that are filled with blood vessels where the rectum and anus connects. However, the term is loosely used to refer to any varicosities in the anal region.

There are so many possible causes for developing hemorrhoids, and there are as many medications given to treat the problem. However, did you know that you could go all-natural when treating hemorrhoids by trying herbal treatments? Three herbs that you can try for hemorrhoids are horsetail, blueberries and ceanothus.

Why Should You Go For Herbal Treatments?

The reason why you should try herbal treatments when dealing with hemorrhoids - or any other ailment for that matter - is because they are safer and don't have the side effects associated with regular medicines. In addition, most medicines can usually target only one ailment at a time while herbs can frequently improve your over-all health while dealing with your complaint.

How Do You Use The Herbs?

If you're having trouble with hemorrhoids, you should try the three herbs mentioned earlier. Horsetail is the term used for a group of branched species (with scientific name Equisetum) which looks like a horse's tail. It is the only living genus in a plant family made of vascular plants which reproduce not by seeds but by spores.


You can use horsetail to deal with bleeding hemorrhoids by boiling a tablespoon of horsetail in a liter of purified water for five minutes. Drink a cup of the boiled concoction before every meal. If you want, you can stir in some lemon juice to improve the taste. The bleeding should lessen and completely stop within three days.


On the other hand, blueberries are plants that flower and bloom into small round fruits that are sweet when ripe, with a hint of acidity. They are quite effective in treating hemorrhoids, and quite a tasty treat as well. In addition, they are easily available in the market. You can even choose from different variety such as low-bush blueberries, high-bush blueberries, rabbit-eye blueberries or half-high blueberries.

If you're having trouble with hemorrhoids, eat a cup of fresh blueberries every day for the next two months. If you're having difficulty finishing it up in one go, you can divide the cup into two or three servings in such a way that you'll be having fresh blueberries for dessert after every meal. The symptoms should begin to reduce in two months.


You can also try ceanothus, which is a shrub or small tree usually found in North America. Just boil ten to fifteen ceanothus leaves in a cup of purified water. Strain and drink like a tea every day for seven days. You should notice the hemorrhoids getting smaller within one week.

Using a hemorrhoid home care treatment is always preferable to prescription medications. Nohemorrhoid.com provide a list of herbal remedies for hemorrhoids to cure piles effectively.

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