Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Resveratrol and Weight Loss

Resveratrol Antioxidants and Weight Loss: A Good Pairing?

The golden rule in weight loss is pretty simple: take in fewer calories than you expend in exercise. However, as any dieter will tell you, it’s far from easy. Americans spend billions of dollars a year on weight loss supplements, exercise programs and other diet aids—and still we can’t seem to win the battle of the bulge—even when we get desperate enough to try risky surgery or fad diets.

Recently a new product has come to light that may help people trying to lose weight stay on the healthy end of the spectrum: Resveratrol Select, which is unlike many diet supplements in that it uses a combination of natural and herbal ingredients designed to help the body stay healthy while losing weight.

How? By mimicking certain aspects of the Mediterranean diet.Studies have shown that part of America’s war with weight lies in the uniquely modern American combination of stressful lifestyle and fast-food consumption, and that the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle seem to be more conducive to healthier weight levels and longevity.

In fact, much as been made on the news in recent months of the purported “French Paradox,” (how the French eat a high-fat diet, enjoy rich desserts, drink wine and still have better cardiovascular health than the rest of us).

One of the biggest differences between the American and French diet seems to be the wine consumption, and red wine (a staple on most Mediterranean tables) contains one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, resveratrol, which is a key ingredient in Resveratrol Select.

In addition to wine, resveratrol is also found in grape skins, blueberries, cranberries and other plants, and recent animal and in vitro studies indicate that it can have a positive effect on helping to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, supporting insulin health and optimizing metabolic and immune pathways that protect cells and improve mitochondrial function.

* And one capsule of Resveratrol Select includes as much resveratrol as 200 glasses of wine—without the added calories that alcohol can add to the waistline.

But consuming resveratrol alone isn’t enough to help with weight loss—so the manufacturers of Resveratrol Select also added a different type of antioxidant, Green Tea Extract (EGCG), which could make a big difference.

Over time, green tea consumption helps increase metabolism, burn fat and reduce fat storage due to its caffeine and L-theanin content, which can be pivotal in helping to maintain energy for exercise.

*Resveratrol Select combines these two powerful antioxidants with yet another energy boosting ingredient, Chromium, a niacin-based mineral that plays an important role in how the body uses insulin to burn sugars, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins for energy.

*Although relatively new to the market, Resveratrol Select seems to be making a big splash, and many people are taking advantage of the free trial offer to see how well the product works for them.

The trial offer also includes two bonus tools to help with weight loss: an e-book with over 70 weight loss tips, and a weight loss visualization audio.Of course, consuming fewer calories while burning more is the most efficient form of weight loss, and it’s always a good idea to inform your doctor before taking a weight loss supplement, but this new combination herbal supplement is worth a look for those concerned about maintaining good health while losing weight. For more information on Resveratrol Select’s free trial offer and bonus materials,

Monday, May 4, 2009

Stop using Hydroxycut

Hydroxycut products are distributed by Global Active in Singapore through GNC outlets and other retail outlets, including pharmacies. -- PHOTO: GNC
The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) is warning consumers to stop using Hydroxycut products.

Made by Iovate Health Sciences USA, they are being recalled in the United States due to reports of serious adverse reactions there.

Hydroxycut, a slimming supplement used by people trying to shed kilos and by bodybuilders to better define their muscles, has been linked to 23 cases of adverse reactions affecting the liver, including one death due to liver failure.

Hydroxycut products are distributed by Global Active in Singapore through GNC outlets and other retail outlets, including pharmacies. They are also sold over the Internet.

To date, no local reports of adverse reactions have been received in relation to the consumption of Hydroxycut products.

However, the HSA is concerned and does not want consumers to be exposed to any health risk. Global Active has initiated a voluntary recall of Hydroxycut products here.

The HSA advises consumers who have been taking them to stop doing so immediately and discard them. If they experience any adverse reactions or feel unwell, they should seek medical advice.

Symptoms of liver injury include jaundice, brown urine, nausea, vomiting, light-coloured stools, excessive fatigue, weakness, stomach or abdominal pain, itching and loss of appetite.

A GNC spokesman said the company started recalling the products after it was informed early yesterday by GNC in the United States.

Said the spokesman: 'GNC stores in Singapore have sold Hydroxycut for about 10 years. It had helped many shed some excess weight.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Top 3 natural weight loss pills

We have been hearing about new products on the market and decided to check them out. We have also spoken to 100s of our customers about how these products worked for them.

Finding the rigth slimming pill is important when you wish to achieve the body you deserve. The founders of our website have been where you are now - you need to lose weight and need to find the right product for you.

With new products coming on the market all the time, we thought it was time to rate some of the best slimming pills. We have looked into their research claims

With this is mind we have researched extensively into the top 40 products currently on the market - examining their effectiveness, clinical trials, medical backing and their value of money - to come up with the following 3 products.

Our 3 top diet pills

Product Name


Acai Berry


How it works

- Suppresses appetites
- Lowers food cravings
- Reduces dietary fat intake by 28%
- Helps lower blood cholesterols count
- Decreases calorie intake by up to 150 calories per meal

-Burn fat more effectively by combining the bodies natural fatty acids, phytosterols and amino acids together

-Boost energy levels and metabolism

-Replenish the skin and reduce aging

- Helps with appetite control

Medical Backing and Quality Assurance

Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC

Highly recommended by leading medical experts from across the world

Partipated in leading regulatory reviews

Extensively tested

*In a recent study done by the University College of London they found that there is no clear proof to suggest that anti-oxidants can slow down aging

2 general clinical based studies

Average weight loss (monthly)


2-11 lbs

1-5 lbs

Side Effects



Can Upset Stomach

Clinical Trials

Pilot Clinical Study

Clinical Study July 2006

Vitamin Bile Salt Study Report 4

TNO Report Part-1 2001 - Fat Binding Capacity

TNO Report Part – 3 2005 - American Breakfast

The claim of no side effects is currently under debate following recent studies: *John Hopkins School of Medicine: users who had a high dosage of Vitamin E we found to have a 4% increased chance of dying whilst 13% had a higher risk of experiencing heart failure

*Caret study: 28% of users who had taken high doses of vitamin A were found to have a higher risk of developing Lung cancer

*Copenhagen researchers: users who took all 3 vitamins combined (A, C and E) had a 6% chance of dying from colon, gastric, pancreatic and liver cancer.

Bioginate Complex, a patented fibre complex extracted from the seaweed Laminaria digitata

It has been clinically proven to boost weight loss by over 67% compared with dieting alone. No real evidence on how it compares to other products though

Recommended by

-Dr. Joerg Gruenwald
- Will Davis (Pharmaceutical professional)
- Aurora Barker (Practicing Nurse)
- Dr Emmanuel Ekanem

- Depending on product

None mentioned on the website

Pills per package




Price (1 month)

From $40.05 (£20.40)*

Dependant on brand - usually from $40 (£20)

From $134 (£95.84)

Additional free bonuses

  1. Weight loss eBook
  2. Online aerobics video
  3. 60 low fat recipes
  4. Online fitness membership

Depends on product - many different brands out there.

- Members area

Money Back Guarantee

180 day money back guarantee

Depends on product

28 days on unused product only

Media Coverage

New York Times
You and Your Wedding


Daily Mail - January 2009

Overall rating


Proactol Website

Acai Berry Website

Appesat Website

*Depending on package deal

By looking at our reviews and checking out the researcc behind these products, through the, clinical trials, side effects, re-order rate, price and money back guarantee - Proactol™ looks like the better choice for you.

It does seem to be a cheaper alternative. Look for discount codes on our website and ensure you get a box free on the larger packages.

  • Has undergone 5 successful pre-clinical trials
  • Has more than 20 video testimonials by happy customers and more written ones too!
  • Offers extra health benefits of: improved blood cholesterol, increased mobility, appetite suppression and higher energy levels
  • Has wide ranging medical reviews
  • Has a great Customer Care team who always respond to your questions
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