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Kick Start your Metabolism! Burning MORE Calories! Using Phentemine375™

Your metabolism quite simply put is the amount of energy that’s in food but in caloric form. Your body needs calories, just like a car need gas your body needs to burn calories in order to maintain it’s self. Whatever you do whether you’re asleep, running, sitting, standing, basically breathing in and out your body is constantly burning or consuming calories in order to keep you alive. Think of it as the gas or electric needed to heat your food or fire your furnace. When burning fat and food, you are consuming energy of caloric food value. What is actually going on is your metabolism or metabolic rate are basically the amount of calories being burnt within your body. Just like some engines are more efficient and others are gas guzzlers, people metabolisms are also varied and most are in need of a tune up. How do we accomplish that, we start you off fist by giving your metabolism a boost a kick start so to speak, just like an octane booster to gas. We want to turn the heat up that engine called the human body. By using our phentemine375™ pills and diet plan you are turning the heat up on your furnace.

I’ll bet you have heard this or possibly it was not you actually saying it. Men and women when put together and the topic of weight or weight loss, will start talking on the topic of why they are fatter, and when they were younger. I’ll bet you the 1st thing out of their mouth will be, well it my metabolism as we get older it just slows down and it’s not my fault it just the way it is. Next you’re going to hear moaning and groaning and complaining about how their metabolism is so slow, that when they were younger they could eat anything they wanted to and not gain weight but now if they simply *think* about a piece of something sweet it just put pounds on. There is actually a medical reason for this. It’s not completely untrue; actually when you are younger your body produces more (testosterone) yes its true, men and women both need this hormone; it’s what allows you to build muscle tissue and have a sexual drive. Both women and men have muscle and hopefully a sex drive RIGHT! Ok phentemine375™ has a ingredient that help to replace that missing testosterone it’s called Dehydroepiandrosterone is a steroid hormone , if used properly over time will help you to maintain and build muscle tissue .

You need muscle tissue to burn fat, and have an active, quick responsive metabolism. Muscles are the engines of our body’s, the vast majority of all calories burnt in the human body are burnt by your muscles. Think about it your heart never stops so it is always in need of fuel that is just the most obvious muscles. Your body has about 656 to 850, depending on which expert you consult. Now the bigger they are the more fuel is required or calories. Now you can start to understand why athletes and even older folks who exercise and have good muscle health also have fast metabolic rates. They can eat more and certainly enjoy more food than a person whose metabolic rate is slow. Why, you just read the reason it’s all about your muscle mass , because we have more lean muscle mass at 20 than we do at 70, and lean muscle mass is what helps burn calories. It’s a sad truth but it is a fact of life. Now as we age our metabolism slows down. It’s up to us to speed it up, that can be accomplished by eating 6 times per day, exercise and taking a metabolic enhancement product like Phentemine375™. Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is just one of 4 ingredients that were specifically designed to work on increasing your metabolic rate and burning off fat.

I know you have seen people who have quicker metabolisms and it seems as though they are able to burn off the calories they eat and never gain an ounce without even doing anything. While others have metabolisms that are slower and sluggish and everything seems to stick to them and not get burned off. The products that are designed and sold at www.phen375.com have taken that into consideration and we realize no two people are alike in the calories they burn and the rate of their metabolism.

Now having said that, is it really possible to boost your metabolism? Can I really burn more calories and lose weight easier? YES! You can phentemine375™ has proven that if you follow the manufactures recommendation listed on their site in the diet section and take the diet pills all the evidence shows most people get a 3 to 5 pound per week reduction in weigh. Without starving and eating healthy all while creating new healthy eating habits.


Don’t starve yourself, severe restriction of calories is a sure fire way to cause your metabolism to slow down to a crawl it. That’s why when you start eating again you seem to get heaver much quicker. Now you know why, If you’ve been crash dieting for years without exercising, I know that your metabolism has been affected and not for the better. Dieting incorrectly burns muscle and the less muscle mass you have, the less calories you burn and the slower your metabolism. Now you see why we added the Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) to our product. We don’t want you to lose any muscle tissue while using our product and we actually want you to increase your lean muscle mass to help burn off calories. Are you beginning to realize why you have some areas of your body that just seem to grow Helloooo belly fat.

Every time you go on a starvation diet plan, or skipping meals it means that your metabolic rate has probably dropped and you did it to yourself. Now it will drop a little bit each time that you’ve been doing the crash diet program. Putting on more fat and losing muscle. Hmm seems like that is counterproductive to me, what do you think? So each time it just causes your metabolism to slow down even more until the point is seems as though just breathing in the sweet smells will add inches to your waist line. It seems like a cycle or a roller coaster ride of up and down up and down then depression sets in and thought of doom, doesn’t it? Now don’t you think it’s time to let www.phen375.com help you get out of that destructive cycle or better yet never start? By using our product phentemine375™ , following our diet plan you are getting the best possible solution available for weight loss and of course getting that metabolism moving again.

Yes, it’s true, if you want to boost your metabolism you are going to have to change your ways. You cannot just flick a switch and you certainly cannot expect it to just happen all by itself. Ever hear that things in motion stay in motion, well its true so it’s time to get you in motion, You should go to www.phen375.com read and educate yourself , get started on the path of weight loss the phen375 way . The very best thing you can do is to start now, don’t put it off , you must realize by now that what you have been doing has not been working, so get started on a proven, healthy and guaranteed weight loss product and program designed to get that metabolic rate ramped up to maximum efficiency.


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Hair Loss In Man - What is male pattern baldness?

With every lost strand of hair goes a sizable chunk of self-esteem. You may not get all of them back, but you can certainly try.

Is your top gone? A man may not admit that hair is his crowning glory but baldness deals a heavy blow to his confidence. Genetic hair loss, the most common type of alopecia (baldness), affects not just older men but yuppies and teenagers as well.

But don't fret. Medicine and cosmetics can work wonders in restoring a withering self-esteem. Top-of-the-line wigs are nothing like the dark, stiff mop your great-grandfather used to wear; oral and topical medications are potent; and surgically restored hair doesn't resemble a doll's anymore.

The bald truth
Androgenetic alopecia is not the type of hair loss caused by medical conditions, medications, stress or salon hair treatments. As its name implies, it is triggered by androgens or male hormones, and is greatly influenced by genetics: your inherited genes determine the speed, age of onset and degree of alopecia. In fact, in men, balding among first-degree male relatives is a good indicator for genetic predisposition to androgenetic alopecia.

Females can also develop this condition, but androgenetic alopecia in men (male pattern baldness or MPB) is localized and usually more severe. "[Male] androgenetic alopecia is patterned, progressive and gradual, with stepwise miniaturization of hair follicles," says Dr. Rica Mallari, head of the Hair Unit of St. Luke's Hospital's Dermatology Center.

"Testosterone, in the presence of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, is converted to dihydrotestosterone, or DHT," Mallari explains. DHT, the hormone responsible for MPB, causes hair follicles to become smaller and finer with every hair growth cycle. Thus, each new batch of hair that grows is shorter, weaker, less deeply rooted and less pigmented, until the hair on the frontal and vertex portions of the scalp virtually disappear and shiny bald areas appear.

"The hair usually grows out for three to five years, then just sits [on the scalp] for three to four months until a new hair grows out and slowly pushes the old hair out. In pattern baldness, instead of growing three to five years for the next hair cycle, hair will first just grow for two years, then probably just for nine months in the next cycle," Mallari explains further. Eventually, hair growth stops.

Half of men over age 50 experience some degree of androgenetic alopecia. "As we enter puberty, all of us experience gradual thinning of our hair, [but] there are some [whose hair] thins out faster and earlier," Mallari says. Although MPB cannot be prevented, poor lifestyle choices can accelerate it. "Any form of stress (including major depression) and lack of nutrients, especially zinc and iron, can aggravate the condition," Mallari points out.

Gone today, back tomorrow
Hair loss comes naturally with the aging process in some men, and no treatment is necessary. However, baldness, if excessive or occurs early in life, is very distressing. Mallari advises young patients to do something about baldness as early as possible, as MPB is progressive and it would take a longer time to fill in bald spaces at a later stage. "It is important that patients see a dermatologist first for initial assessment and information regarding treatment options available to suit their needs," she adds. These options include:

Donning a wig or toupee is the traditional and least expensive option for baldness. Good quality, more natural-looking wigs are available.

Finasteride inhibits 5-alpha-reductase, preventing the miniaturization of follicles due to DHT. According to Mallari, studies done on male patients 18 years old and above show that 99 percent of the patients experienced cessation of hair loss and 66 percent had regrowth with finasteride treatment.

Daily finasteride at 1-milligram dosages is recommended to prevent further hair loss and increase hair growth in men with MPB. "The tablet has to be taken daily for as long as the patient wants his hair. It usually takes about 3 to 6 months before hair loss slows down and 6 to 12 months before hair growth is noticed," says Mallari. "Since this will be a long-term treatment, it is necessary that the patient consult a dermatologist prior to starting this medication. It is important that all other causes of hair loss be ruled out," she continues. The downside of finasteride is that once the medication is stopped, the balding process gradually resumes. Women and children should not use or handle finasteride.

"The exact mechanism of action of minoxidil in MPB is still unknown but numerous studies have shown that it is effective for pattern baldness. As a lotion, cosmetically acceptable results are attained with a minimum concentration of 1 percent, optimal results with 2 percent and more immediate effects with 5 percent," Mallari says.

People of all ages can use the lotion, which is applied twice a day. Some patients, however, may develop itching, prickling and headaches. "It also takes several months for hair to regrow and usually the hair that grows is thinner. Once minoxidil is stopped, the balding process immediately resumes," says Mallari.

Hair transplants
Hair transplant is the option for those who want a more significant, immediate and permanent hair-loss solution. "Here, the patient's hair on androgen-insensitive areas, like the parietal and occipital areas, are relocated to the balding areas," Mallari explains. "Sometimes, it takes several months for the new grafts to grow, but once they grow, they will look and grow like the normal hair."

Not all patients are candidates for hair transplant, though. Mallari notes: "Usually, patients in the middle-age group are the ones who undergo the procedure, as their hair loss is advanced and difficult to treat with medications alone. It is sometimes difficult to do transplant on the elderly as their hair loss is too extensive--they have a very large area needed to be covered but usually don't have good donor sites.

"[Hair transplant] is a very tedious and expensive procedure. Scalp care is very important after the procedure to prevent the grafts from popping out. The patient can not shampoo normally for the first three weeks."

Furthermore, since the hair-transplant procedure requires surgery, risks include bleeding, swelling, infection, bruising, scarring and numbness. Only board-certified dermatologists, plastic or cosmetic surgeons should perform transplants.

Scalp reduction
Surgical removal of balding scalp areas is called scalp reduction. "This involves the excision of an elliptical piece of bald skin so that the balding area looks smaller," says Mallari. The remaining parts of the scalp with hair growth are stretched and expanded, giving the appearance of more hair. But according to the American Medical Association, the effectiveness of scalp reduction depends on the degree of hair loss and the elasticity of the scalp. "Sometimes, after surgery, the bald area enlarges again as the skin becomes lax," Mallari states.

Counseling can also help men cope with baldness. "Usually, patients bothered by MPB are young and single. Most of my patients are in their 20s and 30s, who do not want to go to school or the office [because of alopecia]. They get depressed, lose their self-confidence and develop a psychological problem," Mallari relates. Such shattered self-esteem may improve with a visit to a therapist, but more so from acceptance, affirmation and support from family members

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What Are the Risk Factors of Hemorrhoids?

What Are the Risk Factors of Hemorrhoids?
By Stewart C

Anybody can get hemorrhoids, especially now that diets have been leaning towards foods that have low fiber contents and a high content of processed ingredients. Lack of proper water intake and the design of current toilet bowls also make the chances of getting hemorrhoids bigger. The cause of hemorrhoids is an increased pressure in the hemorrhoidal veins but there are countless number of ways that this increased pressure occurs. These are the risk factors that general increase the chance of one developing a hemorrhoid.

Due to Diet

The diets of people nowadays are usually ones that are high-fat but low on fiber. This type of diet can be seen in any corner on any street of any city. That is, the diets of people are turning into a fast food diet; one that is packed full of salt, saturated fat and all kinds of preservatives and chemicals that pack on the flavor but hardly provide any nutritional value.

This type of diet usually causes constipation and, on the opposite spectrum, diarrhea as well. This then leads to increased pressure on the rectal veins and thus, increases the chances of developing hemorrhoids.

Due to Habits and Lifestyle

Habits of people also add to the risks of developing these irritants. Laziness can actually cause hemorrhoids since sitting down too much can lead to the increase in pressure that causes the hemorrhoids to appear. This is especially true if you have a bad posture and rarely get up on your feet move around.

People also usually like sitting on the toilet for longer periods of time than is actually necessary; whether to read a book or a newspaper while doing their business. This may seem innocent enough except that the design of the modern toilet bowl actually helps for hemorrhoids to develop.

Obesity also causes undue pressures on the rectal vein. Also, due to, usually, low nutritional value of the of the food being ingested, obese people also tend to be prone to constipation, which further adds to the risks of getting hemorrhoids.

Anal intercourse also causes an increase in the probability of developing hemorrhoids; this lifestyle activity significantly the pressures in the veins around the anal cavity and therefore increases the risks.

Due to Other Factors

Other risk factors are not controlled by the person. These include the age of the person; the higher the age the higher the chances of getting hemorrhoids. There are also some medical reasons that are considered risk factors for hemorrhoids; these include Cirrhosis (scar tissue in the liver), and chronic diarrhea or constipation. The use of laxatives also adds to the increased stress in the rectum that might lead to the growth of these irritants.

For women, being pregnant usually also means that hemorrhoids will be a big probability. The fetus or the baby inside the womb of the woman causes additional pressure and stress on the veins that, more likely than not, leads to the swelling of these veins.

Fortunately for everyone, hemorrhoids usually do not last for very long. In fact, if left alone (or sometimes pushed back into the rectum), hemorrhoids usually go away after a couple of days without any serious complications or discomfort.

Best way to get rid of hemorrhoids using all natural hemorrhoid treatment. Read the hemorrhoids articles and hemorrhoids product reviews to get latest information on a range of brands that offer effective treatment.

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What is Hemorrhois?

Hemorrhoids, or piles are essentially inflamed and swollen veins located in and around the rectum and anus. There are two main types: internal and external, with the latter being located outside of the rectum. While external hemorrhoids can cause a great deal of discomfort, many people are not even aware that they have internal hemorrhoids until they see blood in their stool. There is also something called a prolapsed hemorrhoid that temporarily comes out during a bowel movement and causes a great deal of pain as it reenters the rectum.

Hemorrhoids are very common in Western countries and much less common in developing countries. Although the vast majority of people in the Western world experience hemorrhoids at some point in their lives, many find it embarrassing to admit they have them. Because of this, most people avoid getting the advice and treatment they need to alleviate the condition. The important thing is to educate yourself about the preventative measures you can take and the treatment options that are available. Looking For Effective Hemorrhoid Treatment?

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Natural Hair Care Tips - Home Remedies For Hair Growth

Natural Hair Care Tips - Home Remedies For Hair Growth
By Stewart C

The battle between traditional medicine and Western, modern medicine exists even in the field of hair loss treatments. While researchers are trying to find ways to remedy the problem with one drug or a cocktail of chemical compounds, traditional remedies for hair loss have existed for thousands of years. If you're tired of taking pills and applying topical remedies to your balding areas, perhaps it's time to visit the age-old medicine chest of traditional remedies.

Why Even Try?

Generally, traditional medical approaches are safer than taking pills or using gels or patches filled with synthetic chemicals. Usually, traditional remedies involve the use of natural items and foodstuffs that can be found all around us.

The same principle applies with traditional Chinese medicine; herbs, roots and leaves are prepared in measured amounts to remedy common ailments. Economically, it's also more practical to use natural ingredients because they cost less, and you can prepare infusions and creams from the comfort of your home, at your own time.


You've heard the drill; put oil on your hair to keep it supple and shiny. To an extent, safe oils like mineral oil and essential oils from plants such as lavender and walnut are effective in keeping the hair healthy. If you have extremely dry hair, your sebum production may have been probably affected already. Sebum is the natural oily secretion that's responsible for keeping the hair shiny. If you're exposed to immense levels of smoke and toxins on a daily basis, your sebum production may have already weakened.

In such case, oils are a natural remedy. Dry hair is also brittle hair; ignore dry hair enough and you are rewarded with easy breakage and unattractive, unmanageable hair. Don't worry; you don't have to look far for the oils you can use. You can use any of the following for the purpose of strengthening and maintaining younger-looking hair:

- Castor oil
- Almond oil
- Coconut oil
- Olive oil
- Essential oil of thyme
- Essential oil of rosemary
- Essential oil of lavender
- Essential oil of cedar wood
- Jojoba oil
- Grape seed oil

More Vitamins, Please

Keeping your hair on your head may be simpler than we formerly have thought. If you know that you're not getting enough vitamins because of your diet, there's no point in changing your diet now.

You can, but it would take longer for the vitamins to reach your ailing scalp. Instead, change your diet while taking vitamin supplements. Common multivitamin formulations with tocopherol, biotin, thiamine, ascorbic acid and the like are sufficient for maintaining a healthy scalp and hair.

Don't go to extreme lengths, either. It's not only pointless, but dangerous, to take multiple vitamin pills a day. The body can only make use of a certain amount of a vitamin; the rest are thrown away (through urination and bowel movement).

While some vitamins are kept in the body for future use, it is still recommended that you take only the recommended RDA for all vitamin types. This would prevent unnecessary problems associated with the overabundance of vitamins.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Stewart_C

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