Friday, October 24, 2008

What can weight loss pills do for you?

The results of weight loss programs that include Xenical or Meridia are best described as modest. The average weight loss is around 20 pounds in a year. You may want to lose this weight in a shorter span of time but remember the keywords here are long term. The weight loss is gradual because the program is meant to minimize health risks rather than get you ready for the beach.

Basically there are two type of diet pills available in the market which is Prescription diet pills and non prescription diet pills. Prescription diet pills are intended for long term use. If you are obese and would like to work on your health rather than your looks, they are worth asking your doctor about.

Diet pills are showing amazing results. As technology improves so do their formulas. There was a time when these pills were mere pills to suppress hunger. Today, these supplements do more than that. Let’s have a simple diet pill reviews and see what weight loss pills can do for you!?

What can weight loss pills do for you?

1. Appetite suppressant. Some weight loss supplements can trick the brain into thinking that you are full. Once your brain believes your body is full, you lose your urge to eat. The less you eat the fewer calories you have to store or use. If you increase your physical activity, you will be using those stored fats.

2. Increase metabolism. Some weight loss pills can increase your metabolism. They make the transport of fat on a cellular level more efficient. A common symptom experienced by people who take these supplements is an increase in their body temperature.

3. Block fat. Some supplements prevent the body from absorbing fat. What they do is they inhibit the fat from being absorbed and deliver it directly to the large intestines for excretion. It can be a bit messy but it is effective.

4. Prevent carbohydrates from being stored as fat. Newer generations of best diet pills claim to prevent the body from storing carbohydrates and converting them to fats. Instead the carbohydrates are transported directly to the muscles for burning.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chinese skin cream recalled

A COMPANY in south-west China has recalled a skin cream after a potentially dangerous steroid hormone that should not be used for more than two weeks was found in it, state media said on Wednesday.

The Miaoling Medical Technology Group, based in Guizhou province, also said it had stopped production and sales of the cream, which was widely used to treat eczema in babies, the Beijing Youth Daily reported.

The hormone - clobetasol propionate - used to treat various skin disorders, should not be used by children under 12, according to drug information website

It can cause changes in blood sugar and can lead to Cushing's syndrome, a disorder characterised by a moon-shaped face, emotional disturbances, and in women, abnormal growth of facial and body hair.

The packaging of the cream, however, claimed it consisted only of 25 natural ingredients, according to an earlier report on Guangzhou news website

A report in Xiaoxiang Morning News in central China said that an eight-month-old girl in Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, had appeared to menstruate after being given the cream for seven months.

Doctors said they suspected the hormone was the cause, the paper said.

Another report published on the popular web portal said Guizhou's health department had fined the company 5,000 yuan (about $1,100) as far back as August 14 when it discovered the hormone in a test of the cream.

The report, citing a local paper in east China, said the product's license was in the process of being revoked.

The news comes as China is still reeling from a tainted milk scandal that has led to recalls and bans of Chinese-made dairy products around the world.

Milk made by 22 Chinese dairy companies was found to have been contaminated wth melamine, an industrial chemical normally used to make plastic, causing the death of at least four babies and sickening another 53,000.

Calls made to the skin cream company and to the Guizhou health department went unanswered on Wednesday.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Western diet causes heart attacks

The typical Western diet, which includes red meat, fried foods, dairy products and salty snacks, is responsible for 30 per cent of the world's heart attacks, according to a study of dietary patterns in 52 countries.

The study has been reported in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association.

Researchers identified three dietary patterns in the world: Oriental, which include higher intake of tofu, soy and other sauces; Prudent, which includes higher intake of fruits and vegetables; and Western, which includes higher intake of fried foods, salty snacks, eggs and meat.

The Prudent diet was associated with a lower heart attack risk than the Oriental, researchers said. "The objective of this study was to understand the modifiable risk factors of heart attacks at a global level," said Salim Yusuf, D.Phil., the study's senior author.

Researchers analyzed the INTERHEART study, which documents the association of various risk factors and the risk of heart attack in about 16,000 participants in 52 countries. Here, they analyzed 5,761 heart attack cases and compared them to 10,646 people without known heart disease(controls).

The researchers created a dietary risk score questionnaire for heart attacks patients, based on 19 food groups and adjusted it for dietary preferences for each country. Trained medical personnel interviewed the heart attack patients and the control group. The questionnaires included healthy food items (such as fruits and vegetables) and unhealthy food items (such as fried foods and salty snacks).

"A simple dietary score, which included both good and bad foods with the higher score indicating a worse diet, showed that 30 percent of the risk of heart disease in a population could be related to poor diet," said Romania Iqbal, Ph.D., lead author of the study.

After adjusting for known risk factors, researchers found: people who consumed the Prudent diet of more fruits and vegetables had a 30% lower risk of heart attack compared to people who ate little or no fruits and vegetables; people who consumed the Western diet had a 35% greater risk of having a heart attack compared to people who consumed little or no fried foods and meat; and the Oriental pattern showed no relationship with heart attack risk.

Researchers said that while some components of the Oriental pattern may be protective, others such as the higher sodium content of soy sauces, may increase cardiovascular risk, neutralizing any relationship.

Are Diet pills worth the risk?

Diet pills are showing amazing results. As technology improves so do their formulas. There was a time when these pills were mere pills to suppress hunger. Today, these supplements do more than that.

Are Diet pills worth the risk??
1) Long term versus Short term

It is undeniable that modern diet pills show a lot of promise. They deliver weight loss results not possible a few years ago. But the million dollar question about sustainability remains. More often than not once you stop taking the supplements the benefits stop too. Worse the old weight creeps back. Soon you find yourself back to square one.

2) The role of exercise and diet

Exercise and diet are proven long term solutions to weight maintenance. These two are not just band aids; they are meant to change your body. In return, you must commit to a change of lifestyle for these two to be effective.

Diet means a commitment to change your eating habits. Exercise is your commitment to change your daily routine by including regular physical activity.

3) Exercise, diet and weight loss pills

Diet supplements play a big role in diet and exercise. It enhances the effects of diet and exercise. It can increase your weight loss by a fraction. Even if the increase is just a little the mental boost that extra weight loss gives is a big deal.

Another positive effect of including diet supplements in your program is avoiding the dreaded plateau. When the body plateaus, you stop losing weight even if you increase your reps or decrease your food intake.

Crab blocker diet pills, such as Dietrine which can save you during moments of weakness. So you indulged in a healthy serving of prime rib or pizza. You can work out like crazy the following day. But you can allow yourself to be less crazy if you take fat inhibitors since they will make sure your body absorbs as little fat as possible.

Diet pills work best with diet and exercise. Each complements the other to ensure a realistic, long term weight maintenance solution.
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