Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pure Acai Berry Weight Loss Pill

There are now a range of acai berry supplements that through flash freezing can help you to invest in this fruit and experience its full potency.

Pure Acai Berry Made from 100% pure, unaltered acai berry, Pure Acai Berry may not be the cheapest acai berry product on the market at £34.12, but for its cost consumers can experience the confidence of an acai berry product that is:

• Produced to the highest grading
• 100% pure (not an extract)
• the most potent acai berry product on the market offering consumers 1500mg per a serving
• Quality assured, produced in CGMP facilities
• A powerful antioxidant support – highest ORAC rating
• Proven to offer immediate weight loss on its first serving through appetite suppression and metabolic improvement
• Able to prevent heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s
• The #1 Superfood in the weight loss industry
• Immediate fast weight loss after your first pill

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