Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How to suppress your appetite?

Appetite Suppression can be quite a difficult task for may people. First of all, you need to ask yourself whether it is healthy to suppress your appetite. You may be used to hearing of treatment for loss of appetite, not suppression. Appetite needs to be suppressed when it begins to pose a health risk to you. A lot of people feel frustrated with weight loss programs. It can go on and on and yet no real results are palpable which further worsens the frustration.

The major problem of suppressing appetite is malnourishment. Following a suppressed appetite, you do not eat a much as you normally do and in some cases you may even begin to eat less that your body actually requires for maintenance. In a situation like this, the body is deficient in most essential nutrients and become susceptible to infections.

So how then can you suppress appetite safely?

Eat smaller meals and Plenty Water- The essence of this is to keep the stomach filled. Instead of eating three larger meals, replace them with several smaller meals. This is then topped with large amounts of water. For example drink up to 1.5 liters of water with every meal. Drinking large quantities of water and other plain fluids will do you no harm. Do this before during and after meals.

When you drink ½ a liter of water before a meal, you have already suppressed your appetite because the stomach expands and that feeling of fullness will make you eat less. Do this about 10-20 minutes before food.

Take another ½ liter during the meal. This one allows you to stop eating soon enough.

Another ½ a liter after meal ensures that you stay feeled for long without thinking about food. This is the most cost effective method of suppressing your appetite. If you do feel hungry just before the time to eat reach for a glass of water instead.

Eat a lot of Salad- Another way to suppressed appetite is by eating salad just before a meal. You may also eat salad if you feel hungry before it is time for your next meal. It has the ability to feel your stomach and prevents hunger due to the high fiber contents of salad.

Avoid high calorie diet when hungry- When you are really hungry you may want to stay off high calorie diet at that time because of the likelihood of eating more than you should.

Fruits should be regular feature in your diet- Reach out for apples, pineapples, carrots, guavas, oranges and grapes. Nothings keep you as satisfied as fruits. If you are a diabetic please consult your doctor on the type of fruits you should eat.

Never Skip Breakfast- Skipping breakfast makes us very hungry in the afternoon leading to excessive eating. So if you cultivate a habit of always eating in the morning, you will less likely eat too much later on in the day.

There are also fat binders available in the market that may be used to suppressed appetite.

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