Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Are Diet pills worth the risk?

Diet pills are showing amazing results. As technology improves so do their formulas. There was a time when these pills were mere pills to suppress hunger. Today, these supplements do more than that.

Are Diet pills worth the risk??
1) Long term versus Short term

It is undeniable that modern diet pills show a lot of promise. They deliver weight loss results not possible a few years ago. But the million dollar question about sustainability remains. More often than not once you stop taking the supplements the benefits stop too. Worse the old weight creeps back. Soon you find yourself back to square one.

2) The role of exercise and diet

Exercise and diet are proven long term solutions to weight maintenance. These two are not just band aids; they are meant to change your body. In return, you must commit to a change of lifestyle for these two to be effective.

Diet means a commitment to change your eating habits. Exercise is your commitment to change your daily routine by including regular physical activity.

3) Exercise, diet and weight loss pills

Diet supplements play a big role in diet and exercise. It enhances the effects of diet and exercise. It can increase your weight loss by a fraction. Even if the increase is just a little the mental boost that extra weight loss gives is a big deal.

Another positive effect of including diet supplements in your program is avoiding the dreaded plateau. When the body plateaus, you stop losing weight even if you increase your reps or decrease your food intake.

Crab blocker diet pills, such as Dietrine which can save you during moments of weakness. So you indulged in a healthy serving of prime rib or pizza. You can work out like crazy the following day. But you can allow yourself to be less crazy if you take fat inhibitors since they will make sure your body absorbs as little fat as possible.

Diet pills work best with diet and exercise. Each complements the other to ensure a realistic, long term weight maintenance solution.

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