Monday, August 11, 2008

8 Tips To Lower your cholesterol

While our own body (our liver) produces cholesterol on its own, the greater bulk of cholesterol in our blood comes from the food we eat. An elevated cholesterol level, which thickens our blood and causes hardening of the arteries that eventually plug the arteries, is implicated in the development of high blood pressure, arterial blockages in the abdomen and legs, heart attack, and stroke.

Here are medical tips on how to lower your cholesterol level:

  • Minimize eating foods with high cholesterol contents, like red meats, especially processed meats, egg yolk, dairy products, coconuts, avocado.
  • Maximize eating fish, vegetables, fruits, like berries (diabetics to add these to calorie count), high fiber items, like bran, wheat, nuts, especially almonds.
  • Minimize or avoid carb, like sugar, white rice, bread, cakes, desserts, and soft drinks.
  • Maintain normal calorie intake, by watching your weight.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Extreme moderation in alcohol intake.
  • Learn how to relax and manage your stress.
  • Stay away from smoking, firsthand or secondhand.

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