Monday, August 11, 2008

3 simple way to reduce your acne scar

Do you have embarrassing acne scars that have you looking for ways on how to reduce acne scars?
When it comes to reducing acne scars you can either prevent them or treat them. Anyone who has suffered through acne doesn’t want to deal with the embarrassing after effects of scars.

So the following 3 tips can help you learn how to reduce acne scars.

1. You can choose to use natural methods to help reduce acne scar. Products with Vitamin E are a popular choice. Moisturizers are an excellent option. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money or use strong medical treatment, then Vitamin E is the best option to help you reduce acne scar. You can also choose to take Vitamin E orally to help improve your skin from the inside as well.

2. You can choose to use products that have aloe vera in order to reduce acne scar. When it comes to reducing acne scars, aloe vera can help fade scars faster and increase the healing of your skin. Aloe vera is available in gels, moisturizers and creams. However, each product will have different results so you may have to try several before getting your desired results.

3. If you want a fast remedy for acne scars then consider ice cubes. Rub the smooth side of an ice cube on your scar or face for at least fifteen minutes. This helps to freshen your skin and fade your scars.


Chemotherapy said...

Hey, these are really simple and easy steps to reduce acne.

YouNeedMyHelp said...


Just to say that steps one and two were great tips (thxs), however, on step 3, exposing your skin to extreme temperatures damages the skin. High temperatures leaves more oils in your pores and cold tempertures block your pores leaving the bacteria in the pores to stay there for longer.

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